Home Urine Parasite Test Tells You If You Parasites

Home Urine Parasite Test

Take the urine sample in your home bathroom, then a parasitologist will check for schistosoma, protozoans and other markers of urinary health.

Finds schistosoma and other urinary parasites.
At-home urine sample collection.

$239 (free shipping both ways)

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How Does This Test Find Urinary Parasites and More?

This test looks for urinary parasites, parasite eggs and health markers under a microscope. Here are 3 photos of positive test results:

Urinary Larval Nematode

Staph Crystals

A Different Urinary Larval Nematode

What Urinary Parasites Can This Test Find?

  • Eggs of Schistosoma haematobium
  • Larval nematodes
  • Protozoa

What Markers of Urinary Health Can This Test Find?

  • Bacteria (most often staph crystals)
  • Squamous epithelial cells
  • Diatoms
  • Red blood cells
  • White blood cells

How Does The Testing Process Work?

  1. We ship you a urine parasite test kit.
  2. You follow the pre-test instructions
  3. You catch urine in the container.
  4. Ship it back with your free return shipping label.
  5. A parasitologist will examine your sample.
  6. 7-10 days after shipping your sample back to us, you'll receive your test results electronically.

How Do You Collect A Sample?

Sample collection is pretty simple, but can be slightly messy. The goal is to catch a urine sample in the above vial. The vial also has preserving fluid in it, so you just need to collect about 50 ml of mid-stream urine.

What's In The Test Kit?

The home urine test kit includes the vial, a requisition form, written directions and a free return shipping label.