Are you worried you might have parasites?

Use our free parasite quiz to find out if your symptoms point to a parasite infection.

This Parasite Questionnaire Is Based on Parasite Symptoms + Lifestyle Risk Factors

Our parasite quiz takes about 5-10 minutes to complete and will ask you about symptoms that are often associated with parasite infections.

We’ll be asking about things like diarrhea, constipation, chronic fatigue, teeth grinding, pain around the liver, and many other symptoms.

Additionally, we’ll ask about lifestyle factors that may increase the risk of parasites, such as: frequently eating at restaurants, swimming in lakes and rivers, and a few other parasite-risky lifestyle factors!

Once you answer all 30 questions, you’ll receive a parasite infection risk score.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please take our free parasite quiz 🙂

Parasite Quiz FAQ

Is the parasite quiz free?

The quiz is totally free, and we don’t save any health information about you (symptoms or otherwise).

What is the purpose of the parasite quiz?

You can use this questionnaire to see if your symptoms might match parasite symptoms, and if your lifestyle might predispose you to catch parasites.

We’ll put you in one of 3 different levels of severity based on your symptom score.

How often should I take the parasite quiz?

I would just take it as needed.

Can the quiz accurately diagnose a specific type of parasite?

Our parasite quiz cannot diagnose a specific parasite. The quiz gives a rough estimate of how likely you are to have some sort of parasite infection. But the quiz is nowhere near as accurate as our gut parasite test, which can find an exact parasite.

Can the quiz determine the severity of a potential parasite infection?

No, this quiz cannot diagnose you with a parasite infection. I think this quiz is useful to help decide if you should do additional parasite testing or potentially look further into parasite cleansing or testing.

What should I do if the quiz indicates a potential parasite infection?

You have a few options:

  1. You can speak with your doctor.
  2. You can take a gut parasite test (like ours).

How long does it take to complete the quiz?

The quiz took me (Evan) under 5 minutes to complete. There are 30 questions.

Can I share my quiz results with a healthcare provider?

Of course! However, they are more likely to trust the results from a stool test or equivalent. I would use this quiz to understand a bit more if my symptoms may match parasite symptoms, and maybe see if I am justified to do parasite testing.

Is the quiz a substitute for medical consultation?

Absolutely not.

Parasite infections share symptoms with other infections, so this quiz should not replace a consultation with a medical professional. And even if someone has a parasite infection, there could be higher priority issues that need to be addressed first. That’s why a medical consultation is critical to working through health issues like parasites.

Are the quiz results stored or shared with third parties?

We have set it up so medical information is not stored. We don’t save your score, we also don’t save what you answered on each question. We don’t believe in that kind of aggressive data collection.

How accurate is the parasite quiz?

The symptoms you’ll be asked about are associated with parasite infections and then rated on how frequently they show up in your life. So it’s not going to tell you definitively if you have a parasite infection, but it will give you a score based on how many parasite infection symptoms you display.

Our best estimate is that a higher score means we’re more suspicious of a parasite infection. A more accurate way to check for parasites is through intestinal parasite testing.

Questions about parasite testing?

Evan Jerkunica,'s founder is happy to help. To get your questions answered, you can: