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At-Home Pinworm Paddle Test (for Humans)


Take the pinworm sample at home, then a parasitologist will check for pinworm larvae and pinworm eggs and with their microscope.

Parasitologists look for pinworm evidence.
At-home pinworm collection with adhesive paddle.

$149 (free shipping both ways)

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How Does This Test Find Pinworms?

This test looks for pinworm eggs and pinworm parasites under a microscope. Here are 3 photos of positive human pinworm tape test pictures:

These microscope photos were taken by one of the parasitologists who will also look at your pinworm samples.

How Does The Testing Process Work?

  1. We ship you the pinworm test kit.
  2. You wait until you have an itchy night.
  3. The morning after an itchy night, before you bathe, you take the sample by pressing the adhesive against your perianal area.
  4. Place the sample in the vial.
  5. Ship it back with your free return shipping label.
  6. A parasitologist will examine your sample.
  7. 7-10 days after shipping your sample back to us, you'll receive your test results electronically.

How Do You Collect A Sample?

Do you see the paddle pictured above? After a night with symptoms, but before you bathe, you press the paddle against your perianal area.

Then you put the spatula back in the vial, and ship it back to us.

What’s In The Test Kit?

There are 3 things in the test kit:

  1. Adhesive spatula and vial.
  2. Free return shipping label.
  3. Test directions + Requisition form.

Who Is Most Likely to Catch Pinworms?

Pinworms are most commonly caught by young children in daycare facilities, or in school settings. But because of how contagious the infection is, pretty much anyone can catch pinworms.

I'm about 90% sure that I had a pinworm infection when I was 22 years old, living in Taipei, Taiwan. I took a single pill from a local doctor, and it went away.

Our testing has seen adults test positive for pinworm, even though we would expect children to be the most probable candidates for infection.

What Are the Classic Symptoms of a Pinworm Infection?

The most classic symptom of a pinworm infection is severe anal itching, particularly during the nighttime when the worms migrate to the host’s area around the anus to lay their eggs.

Some other potential pinworm infection symptoms include:

  • Asymptomatic (no symptoms)
  • Vaginal itching (in some cases)
  • Restlessness
  • Irritability
  • Difficulty sleeping due to the discomfort caused by the infection
  • Teeth grinding

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Ann K - 03/20/2024 Verified Buyer verified buyer

So thankful for this pinworm test! It was nice to get a definite confirmation that I had this before going to all the trouble to treat it, such as medicating the entire family and lots of cleaning and washing! Of course, no fun being positive but having accurate results is the only way to get better. I recommend this test if you have any inkling that you may have pinworms!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can young children take this test?

With their parent’s help, absolutely. Young children in school and daycare settings commonly catch pinworms. Pinworms are extremely contagious, so it’s common for young children to catch pinworms, even when the child’s home is clean.

Should Household Members Also Be Tested?

Because of how contagious pinworms are, it typically makes sense to test the entire family. Alternatively, if 1 person in the household tests positive, you can have the entire household go through the treatment protocol. But also check with a doctor even before taking over the counter medications.

What Should I Do If I Am Positive?

There are a few different protocols that may be appropriate, depending on your unique medical situation. Often, pinworm treatment includes a cleaning protocol simultaneous with over the counter pyrantel pamoate. You can read more about that in our pinworm article. But, depending on the severity of the infection, stronger prescription drugs may be required.

It's best to check with your local doctor to see what is correct in your unique medical situation. It's especially important to check with a doctor when you're pregnant, nursing, or if a young child needs treatment. Also if you have an infection that won't clear up, or is severe, or has not been treated for a long time, it is even more imperative to check with your local doctor.

When I encounter a gut issue, my default is to use some combination of herbs to help me feel better. But for pinworms, I would personally first try the counter medication, and combine it with a correctly timed cleaning regimen. But of course check with your local doctor or healthcare provider.