Blood Parasite Test Kit Tells You If You Have Parasites in Your Blood

At-Home Blood Test for Parasites

This at-home test checks for 4 classes of blood parasites, 11 blood cell metabolic dysfunctions, and Crystalline deposits.

Finds 4 classes of blood parasites + 11 metabolic blood issues
At-home finger prick for blood sample collection.

$179 (free shipping both ways)

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Not available in New York/Maryland

What Parasites Can This Test Find?

  • Babesia (associated with Lyme disease)
  • Trypanosoma (Chagas - sleeping sickness)
  • Plasmodium (malaria)
  • Filariasis
    • Onchocerca
    • Wuchereria
    • Brugia
    • Loa

Blood Cell Abnormalities

  • RBC crenation
  • RBC aggregate
  • RBC rouleau
  • RBC echinocyte
  • RBC acanthocyte
  • RBC macrocyte
  • RBC hypochromia
  • RBC Elliptocytes
  • RBC Dacrocytes
  • RBC Codocytes

This test can also find:

  • White blood cell abnormalities
  • Crystalline deposits

How Does The Testing Process Work?

  1. We ship you the test
  2. You take the samples in your home
  3. You use the free return shipping label to ship the samples back
  4. We'll email you the test results as soon as they are ready
    • (results are ready 7-10 days after shipping samples back)

Full Video Instructions

Here is a video showing me (Evan) taking this test.

What Materials Are Included in the Test?

  • alcohol wipes
  • shallow puncture lancet
  • slightly deeper puncture lancet
  • protective slide cases
  • sample slides
  • thin film creation slide
  • band aid

How fast are test results?

Test results are ready about 7-10 business days after you ship your samples back to us. The test results will be emailed or available in our secure portal for download.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Learn More About Other Blood Parasite Tests?

If you want to learn more about how our blood parasite test is done, read this article about the peripheral blood smear test. We also have written extensively about the best options for blood parasite testing.