Home Parasite Stool Test Kit

Precise Parasite™ Home Test Kit

This home parasite ova stool test finds 11 different species of parasites:

  • Protozoa
    • Entamoeba Histolytica, Cryptosporidium, Giardia lambilia, Blastocystis hominis
  • Helminths (worms)
    • Roundworms
      • Ascaris lumbricoides, Hookworms
    • Flukes
      • Chinese liver fluke, Human liver fluke
    • Tapeworms
      • pork tapeworm, fish tapeworm

Collect samples for parasite testing in the comfort of your own home bathroom. Then you can send the samples off to our laboratory. 1 week after you've sent your samples, we'll email you the results.

$195 (FREE shipping both ways)

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Which home parasite stool test will find even rare parasites?

When evaluating the parasite testing kits, you should care about 1 thing...Will the test miss any parasites you might have?

With today's global food trade and immigration, parasites from any country can be caught in the USA. So you need a test kit that will look for even the uncommon parasites.

Our research found that most parasite testing kits looked for just 3 to 6 common parasites. But just 1 parasite stool test can find up 37 parasites...from every continent.

The stool parasite test that won't miss any parasites is the Precise Parasite Home Test Kit™. Now you're probably curious how they can find 366.7% more parasites than another test...well I'll tell you.

How can the precise parasite home test kit™ find 366.7% more parasites?

The answer comes down to 1 man - world renowned Parasitologist Dr. Omar M. Amin. He created the most accurate parasite laboratory known to man. And that lab is where parasites from the Precise Parasite Home Test Kit™ are diagnosed.

The stool test Dr. Amin created is unique in 3 ways:

  1. Experienced parasite researchers won't miss your parasites - the lab technicians at Dr. Amin's lab have done parasite research all over the world. The average technician has been a parasitologist for over 20 years. Their research experience makes sure they'll find even rare parasite infections.
  2. Parasite eggs 100x smaller than a human hair are visible with high contrast dyes - parasites aren't always present in the stool sample. Sometimes, just their eggs are there. Using high contrast dyes, Dr. Amin's lab can find parasite eggs other labs will miss.
  3. No signs of parasites are destroyed with carefully selected preservation fluids - when you take a stool sample, it should be preserved so that it kills the parasites. But, some cheap preservation fluids also destroy signs of the parasite infection. Dr. Amin's secret preservation formula makes sure all signs of parasite infection are perfectly preserved.

These 3 factors mean the the Precise Parasite Home Test Kit™ can find 366.7% more parasites than competing tests.