At-Home Test Tells You If You Have Gut Parasites, Bacteria and Candida

At Home Gut Parasites Test

This at-home test checks for 31 parasites, 5 fungi (candida), 12 gut bacteria and 11 other markers of digestive health.

Finds 12 bacteria + 31 parasites + 5 fungi
At-home stool sample collection, and a swab.

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Why I Always Test for Gut Parasites, Bacteria and Fungi at the Same Time

After a 5 day Mexico vacation last fall, I had signs of a parasite infection. Every other week I would have explosive diarrhea. On my non-diarrhea week, I would just have soft stools.

So I got tested for gut parasites, fungi and bacteria. I was pretty sure I had parasites because my symptoms seemed cyclical.

Surprisingly, I came back negative for all parasites (see below):

My parasite + candida test results: candida dividing (possible indication of candida overgrowth), epithelial squamous cells (likely indicates something assaulting the lining of my colon), starch granules (likely indicates poor digestion of starches), mucus (likely indicates inflammation of some part of my GI tract)

I was seemingly positive for a minor gut candida infection (see above), but I didn't believe it was enough to cause such severe diarrhea.

So I waited for my bacterial culuture test results. The bacterial swab results would show if I had a bacterial infection, and would also show if the candida was pathogenic.

My bacterial culture test results: I tested positive for a heavy infection of klebsiella sp. The max score is a 4, so a +3 is almost the heaviest infection that I could test positive for. I didn't highlight the e coli infecton because nearly everyone tests positive for it, and helpful e coli strains are commonly found in our gut (some strains produce vitamin K or B12). Candida overgrowth did not show up on the swab, so odds are good that I do not actually have a pathogenic version of candida.

Klebsiella sp. is a bacterial gut infection that can cause digestive issues. But if left unchecked, Klebsiella pneumonia could travel to my lungs, become walking pneumonia, and lead to hospitalization...or even death.

Yes this was a scary test result, but I now knew the "dragon" I had to fight. I reached out to my health team, we formed a battle plan, and I worked aggressively to make myself a bad host for these bacterial invaders.

How I Felt After I Cleansed My Bacterial Infection

After cleansing this infection, here's what's different:

  • my chronic explosive diarrhea is 100% gone
  • mentally I feel as sharp was when I was in college (which was 20 years ago)
  • I lost 45 lbs
  • I don't have brain fog that had me constantly searching for words in the middle of a conversation
  • my jock-itch infection is gone
  • I can work full, super productive days (I could work a max of 3 hours per day before the cleanse)
  • my gums are healthier (gums stopped bleeding, breath smells better)

It's not an exaggeration to say that these test results put my life on a healthy path. This test showed me that klebsiella pneumonia was taking over my gut...and defeating it gave me my health (and life) back.

The 48 Gut Invaders Home Test gave me the information I needed to start addressing my health problems. After doing a deep cleanse, I now have enough energy to keep improving I even have extra energy to spend doing 1 on 1 coaching for parasite, candida and bacterial cleanses.

This test gave me the exact information I needed to improve my health. If I had only been taking antiparasitics, then I would have missed the true cause of my infection: a bacterial infection.

It's my hope that this test will give you the exact information you need to improve your health.


Evan Jerkunica

Founder of

March 13th, 2022

What Gut Invaders Can This Test Find?

The 48 Gut Invaders™ Home Test Kit finds:

  • 31 parasites
  • 12 bacteria
  • 5 fungi
  • 11 markers of digestive problems

Gut bacteria found by this test:

The symptoms of bacteria infections can be confused with parasite or candida infections. The bacterial swab portion of the test will specifically look for bacteria infections that may require different treatment than a parasite or candida infection.

  1. Klebsiella sp.
  2. Salmonella sp.
  3. Escherichia coli
  4. Shigella sp.
  5. Citrobacter freundii
  6. Vibrio cholera
  7. Proteus vulgaris
  8. Yersinia sp.
  9. Campylobacter sp.
  10. Clostridium difficle
  11. Enterobacter sp.
  12. Enterococcus sp.

Full list of 31 parasites:

  • 17 Parasitic Worms

    • 5 tapeworms (cestoda)
      1. Taenia solium/Taenia saginata
      2. Hymenolepis nana
      3. Hymenolepis diminuta
      4. Dipylidium caninum
      5. Diphyllobothrium latum
    • 8 roundworms (nematoda)
      1. Ascaris lumbricoides
      2. Ancylostoma/Necator
      3. Strongyloides stercoralis
      4. Trichostrongylus sp.
      5. Trichuris trichiura
      6. Enterobius vermicularis
      7. Mansonella sp
      8. Larval Nematode (baby roundworm)
    • 4 Liver flukes (trematoda)
      1. Schistosoma sp.
      2. Fasciola/Fasciolopsis
      3. Paragonimus westermani
      4. Clonorchis / Heterophyes / Metagonimus
  • 14 microscopic parasites (protozoa)

    1. Entamoeba coli
    2. E. histolytica / E. dispar
    3. Entamoeba hartmanni
    4. Iodamoeba butschili
    5. Endolimax nana
    6. Giardia lamblia
    7. Chilomastix mesnili
    8. Balantidium coli
    9. Trichomonas hominis
    10. Isospora belli
    11. Dientamoeba fragilis
    12. Cryptosporidium parvum
    13. Cyclospora cayetanensis
    14. Blastocystis hominis

Shared with permission from 2 patients: Microscope photos used to identify 3 parasites in these 2 patients

5 Fungi/Yeast Found By This Test:

Fungal infections can have symptoms similar to parasite infection symptoms. So, this test also checks for fungi that may be pathogenic.

  1. Candida sp.
  2. Cryptococcus sp.
  3. Geotrichum sp.
  4. Kloeckeri sp.
  5. Hyphae

11 Markers of Your Digestive Health - Analyzed by Experts:

We also check your stool for these 11 health markers. These markers are additional signs of digestive distress, parasite infection, insufficient probiotics or low enzymes.

  1. Epithelial (squamous) cells
  2. Epithelial (columnar) cells
  3. Charcot-Leyden crystals
  4. Fatty acid crystals
  5. Undigested tissue
  6. Probiotic bacteria
  7. White blood cells
  8. Starch granules
  9. Red blood cells
  10. Mucus
  11. Pollen

Any issues found are quantified on a scale of 1 to 4. 1 is the mildest infection, 4 is the most severe infection.

Here's how the test kit works:

Do you see the top of the vial? The top has a small scooper attached to it. You scoop the top part of your poop, and put it in the vial.

It's very hygienic, and you won't have to touch any stool. In fact to make it even more hygienic, we include 4 stool sample collection bags.

These bags are biodegradable, and you can flush them down the toilet after you've collected your samples. Again, as hygienic as possible, and easy to use!

You'll put 2 days of stool samples in each vial. Since there are 2 vials, that means you'll have 4 days of samples total...making sure you'll catch even rare, cyclical parasites.

If you don't have daily bowel movements, click here to learn what you can do.

To check for gut bacteria overgrowth and infection, you use the long q-tip. You rub the long q-tip on the top of your stool.

When doing the swab test, you just have to be careful not to touch it to other surfaces like your skin, or the toilet bowl. Otherwise the samples will grow the wrong bacteria.

You then put the swab back into the tube (it fits perfectly), and ship it back to the lab with your stool samples.

The swab is then grown in a petri dish. We can then indentify over a dozen bacterial infections that may be the root cause of your digestive issues.

How can our parasite test kit can find even rare parasites?

When evaluating the parasite testing kits, here is the most important thing...Will the test miss any parasites you might have?

With today's global food trade and immigration, parasites from any country can be caught in the USA. So you need a test kit that will look for even the uncommon, foreign parasites.

Our research found that most parasite testing kits looked for just 3 to 6 USA parasites. But just our parasite stool test can find up 31 parasites...from every continent.

I explain how we find so many more parasites in the next section...

How can the 48 Gut Invaders™ Home Test Kit find 25 to 28 more parasites?

The answer comes down to 1 man - world renowned Parasitologist Dr. Omar M. Amin. He created the most accurate parasite laboratory known to man. And Dr. Armin's lab is where parasites from the 48 Gut Invaders™ Home Test Kit are diagnosed.

The stool test Dr. Amin created is unique in 3 ways:

  1. Experienced Ph.D. parasite researchers won't miss your parasites - the lab technicians at Dr. Amin's lab all have Ph.D.'s, and have done parasite research all over the world (including Egypt and Ukraine). Their research experience makes sure they'll find even rare parasite infections.
  2. Parasite eggs 100x smaller than a human hair are visible with high contrast dyes - parasites aren't always present in the stool sample. Sometimes, just their eggs are there. Using high contrast dyes, Dr. Amin's lab can find parasite eggs other labs will miss.
  3. Specialized preservation fluids preserve all signs of parasites - when you take a stool sample, it should be preserved so that it kills the parasites. But, some cheap preservation fluids also destroy signs of the parasite infection - Dr. Amin's preservation formula makes sure all signs of parasite infection are perfectly preserved.

These 3 factors mean the 48 Gut Invaders™ Home Test Kit can find 31 parasites, when other parasite tests can only find 3 to 6 parasites.

Who Should Get Tested for Bacterial Gut Infections?

I encourage people with digestive issues to take our bacterial swab test included in the 48 Gut Invaders™ Home Test.

Many just want to get tested for parasites & candida, but the symptoms of a parasite infection and a bacterial infection can heavily overlap.

Our Bacterial Test Finds Problems That Other Tests Miss

Because our lab uses bacterial culturing, we can find problems that other lab tests miss. Our test can detect gut infections by aggressive, pathogenic bacteria. But our test can detect neutral bacteria that may have overgrown your guts, and are now causing problems.

Is Your Bacteria Antibiotic Resistant?

Antibiotic resistance is a growing problem. To help your doctor treat your infection, our test checks for antibiotic resistance.

Once the lab receives your stool sample, any pathogens that are collected on the Swab are cultured and will grow on an agar plate, or petri dish. A culture and sensitivity report is generated that lists antibiotics that the pathogen is resistant to and most sensitive to. This report helps doctors determine which antibiotic will be the most effective at killing the pathogen. You should get your results within 2 to 3 weeks after the lab receives your culture.

How Does The Lab Analyze Your Bacterial Swab?

Swabs are used to transfer bacteria from your stool, to a petri dish. The bacteria are grown for a few weeks until they can be positively identified as harmful.

Many intestinal bacteria, including E. coli, live in our intestines and are considered “good” bacteria; however, some of the strains can make us sick. (1) The same is true for other bacterial infections identified in the Swab Culture Test.

What Bacteria Can This Test Find?

A stool culture with our test will identify intestinal pathogens that may be making you sick, including Salmonella sp., Escherichia coli, Klebsiellella sp., Vibrio cholera, Citrobacter freundii, Proteus vulgaris, Yersinia sp., Campylobacter sp., and Clostridium difficle.

Parasite Research Lab

Our research parasitologists will examine your stool sample. Other labs look for 3 to 5 common parasites. Our lab looks for 31 parasites - finding even rare parasites. We find more parasites because we have passionate parasitologist researchers looking at your samples. Our researchers take great care with every sample. We find what most labs miss!

Test Created by a Parasitologist

Dr. Omin Armin, publisher of over 250 parasite research papers, created this home parasite test kit. He designed this test to find the maximum number of parasites (31), pathogenic fungi (5), and to find (11) other signs of digestive health problems.

Your Data is Secure is HIPPA compliant. We don't sell your test results or email conversations. We don't record phone calls we have with you. We use encryption to stop malicious actors from accessing your personal information.

Reviews of 48 Gut Invaders


1 out of 1 would recommend to a friend.

Learning more about what was going on in my body

Matt G. - 1/28/2022 verified buyer

Really like the fact that I could discuss my results with Evan and he could explain the tests in detail. In AL I could not even get a stool test so having Evan connect the dots was a big asset for me to learn more about what was going on in my body.

Would recommend to a friend

Reviews of our Parasite Test


7 out of 7 would recommend to a friend.

Easy, Fast, Thorough, Friendly and Personalized Service

Tara C. - 1/19/2022 verified buyer

I would rate the at home parasite testing company, a 6 out of 6 stars. I would go higher if I could and would definitely recommend their services to friends. As someone who does not like big corporations or even going to the Dr., I was shocked to experience easy, fast, thorough, friendly, and personalized service. Ordering the kit, providing a sample, and sending it back was very simple and discreet and was not complicating or time consuming like I had expected. Every question I emailed was quickly responded to and I received the results with a couple of days.

The results were explained in detail as well as personalized plan informing me of the best course of action to take that would help to remedy my situation. The plan was way more than I expected to get from a lab giving you test results because most places just tell you to go to the Dr and that's the extent of their advice. sets the bar on how a professional health service should conduct their business.

Would recommend to a friend

Evan Was Very Helpful

Andrea S. - 12/31/2022 verified buyer

The kit arrived very quickly with easy instructions and a return label that was easy to return shipping. My results came in the amount of time the website had informed me and I received a phone call from Evan with my results along with an email of my results to show my doctor. Evan was very helpful and answered all my questions and was very informative about my test results. He has answered all my emails and questions I have about my test.

I’m very impressed with this service and would recommend this website to anyone trying to get testing done. I would rate this a 5 Star service.

Would recommend to a friend

Great Personal Touch and Care

Kim W. - 1/4/2022 verified buyer

Great personal touch and care. I appreciate customer service answering questions about my test.

Would recommend to a friend

Easy to Do

Sue S. - 1/6/2022 verified buyer

Thoughts on the experience: It was easy to do. I eliminated dark foods for one week to make it easier to identify the organisms as the directions suggested. Then I did four samples over four days during the full moon when parasites are said to reproduce and be more active. The directions and supplies were sufficient for the task. I had the results one week later! Evan thoroughly explained the findings and answered all my questions. And, because Evan provides this service I was able to share my results with my doctor and have a stool bacterial culture test ordered. I was also able to contact a doctor in my area with 40 years working with Immunology-Infectious Diseases and shared the results with him. I will hear from him next week once he has the results from the bacteria test. Thank you, Evan, for seeing a need and filling it! I greatly appreciate you, your knowledge and your commitment to helping people become healthy! Sincerely, Sue S.

Would recommend to a friend

Evan has a passion for helping others

Michele M. - 2/3/2022 verified buyer

I found after searching online for a parasite kit that tested for more than just Candida. I had done a holistic parasite cleanse prior to testing and decided after the cleanse that I needed to check for parasites since my symptoms didn't completely go away. I was wavering between thinking I had leaky gut or recurrent parasites, and I wanted more insight into what was actually in my gut. I wish now I would have tested first, then done the cleanse so I would have had a baseline to go off of.

Pros: The parasite kit arrived quickly after ordering it online and was easy to use. It came with clear instructions along with tips on how to get the best sample(s). Evan followed up, as promised, with a personal phone call to go over the test results and gave me some suggestions on what I could do to help my symptoms. Evan provided excellent customer service, I did not feel hurried on our phone call, and he offered a discount on further purchases.

Cons: I am accustomed to getting email updates on online purchases. I was disappointed that I did not get an email confirmation after the purchase, when my sample was received, or to notify that my sample was in the process of being assessed. I was nervous that the test kit was actually fake and that my sample was not received or being tested.

Overall, I was happy I invested in this test kit and would recommend it to anyone wanting a starting point for bothersome symptoms or periodically wanting to test/re-test. Evan has a passion for helping others understand parasites and his company is a great resource!

Would recommend to a friend

I felt very comfortable talking to him about some embarrassing symptoms

E.D. - 2/20/2022 verified buyer

Evan is extremely professional and took the time to ask me about my symptoms. I felt very comfortable talking to him about some embarrassing symptoms. I got my test results back promptly and he took the time to go over them in detail with recommendations. I would highly recommend to anyone experiencing symptoms that may be related to a parasite to contact Evan at Thank you, E.D.

Would recommend to a friend

Great service too

N.B. - 3/10/2022 verified buyer

I've had many medical problems and your test brought me some insight on what is going on in my body. Thank you so very much! Great service too.

Would recommend to a friend

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get the test results?

Parasite test results: about 10 days after you send your samples to the lab, I'll send over your parasite results.

The parasite test results come quickly because the samples just need to be stained, put into a centerfuge, and then examined with a 1000x magnification microscope by our Parasitologists.

Bacterial test results: about 3 weeks after you send your samples to the lab, you'll receive your bacterial test results.

The bacterial test results take a few weeks because the lab grows the stool swab bacteria in a petri dish, and then tests the bacteria's resistance to 15 different antibiotics.

I'm Constipated - What Should I Do?

If your doctor says it's okay, you can take a mild laxitive that doesn't contain any antiparasitics. Miralax is one option.

While you're waiting for a bowel movement so you can take more samples, you can store your samples.

One option is to put the sealed sample vials in a clean bag, using clean hands, your fridge. You want to be extremely careful with your hygiene so that you don't contaimnate any food or surface in your refrigerator.

Make sure children and animals can't get into the vials. The sample preserving fluid should not be drank or exposed to eyes or skin.

What if I have a parasite or bacterial infection? Will you help me?

Yes and no. I am not a doctor, so I can't recommend treatment. But I have taken these tests, and I have been through what it takes to fix these issues. So I can share with you what I did, and what you might want to ask doctor about.

The test also comes with baseline suggestions for medications to treat parasitic, bacterial and fungal infections. Dietary recommendations may also be mentioned. You should ask your doctor if these general suggestions make sense in your unique situation.

Can children take this test?

As long as an adult supervises and helps, then yes this is a safe test for children. The sample cups contain preserving fluid that is unsafe to drink or expose to eyes. A scooper spoon is provided so the fluid can be kept away from children.

This is an easy test to do safely, and we haven't heard of any parents and their children having issues.

Will someone help me understand the test results?

Absolutely. If you provide a valid phone number, I (Evan Jerkunica) will call you when I have your test results. I can't tell you what to do about any positive results (I'm not a doctor). I can share some things for your doctor and you to research further.

What do the test results look like?

Here are my exact test results from taking this test:

My parasite + candida test results: candida dividing (possible indication of candida overgrowth), epithelial squamous cells (likely indicates something assaulting the lining of my colon), starch granules (likely indicates poor digestion of starches), mucus (likely indicates inflammation of some part of my GI tract)

My bacterial culture test results: I tested positive for a heavy infection of klebsiella sp. The max score is a 4, so a +3 is almost the heaviest infection that I could test positive for. I didn't highlight the e coli infecton because nearly everyone tests positive for it, and helpful e coli strains are commonly found in our gut (some strains produce vitamin K or B12). Candida overgrowth did not show up on the swab, so odds are good that I do not actually have a pathogenic version of candida.

Will you send me a copy of the test results?

Yes! We email test results when they are ready. We can also email the test results to your doctor.

Do you need a doctor's permission to order this test?

No - you can order this test on your own. But we always encourage people to work with their doctor to make sure treatment for any positive tests is handled correctly.

Can you help me find a doctor who can treat parasites?

Yes, we will try and help you find a doctor locally. We aren't always successful, but there are also tele-health options as well. And if you can travel to other states, we can easily recommend some great doctors.


1. E. coli (Escherichia coli). Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Last reviewed December 1, 2014. Accessed October 26, 2021.